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2017 Project Green Schools Lifetime Achievement Award: Dana Pounds!

Dana Pounds receives the Project Green Schools Lifetime Achievement Award

Nature’s Academy is proud to recognize the achievements of our Founder and Executive Director, Dana Pounds. On May 19th, Dana was awarded the Project Green School’s Lifetime Achievement Award for 2017! Project Green Schools is a highly dedicated nonprofit that promotes environmental literacy and stewardship in children from grades 2 to 12.

Their mission is “To develop the next generation of environmental leaders through hands-on, project-based, solutions-based learning, community service and action.” Project Green Schools honors organizations and individuals that embrace environmental education and STEM related efforts in schools and local communities.

Dana is recognized for her numerous contributions to experiential learning programs that integrate STEM, Common Core and Florida Sunshine State Standards. Through her decade of work with Nature’s Academy and beyond, Dana has empowered more than 55,000 students from 41 states and 5 countries to become stewards of our natural world. During an educational program, students learn about the ecological significance of natural habitats they encounter while transforming into citizen scientists by collecting biodiversity and water quality data. Students are taught about the importance of preserving our environment while learning important life lessons about teamwork and never giving up. Dana feels so strongly that all students should have the opportunity to learn in nature that she sponsors free educational field trips for all 5th grade students of Title I schools within Manatee County. This is a testament of her commitment toward STEM literacy and bettering our community.

“A remarkable moment occurs when a child connects with nature.  Children want to learn.  They are eager for responsibility.  They flourish when they can be actively involved.  A meaningful outdoor experience can transform a child into a lifelong environmental ambassador.  This is the heart of the STEM Literacy Project at Nature’s Academy.” – Dana Pounds

Dana’s greatest gift – the ability to inspire and empower the next generation of environmental stewards to carry forth her love of our natural resources. By sharing her life story and challenges, Dana teaches students about perseverance and how hard work and determination can pay off. One of her poignant lessons is to always “Be in the moment and to make every second count.”

Listen to Dana’s award acceptance speech and get to know the Founder and inspiration of Nature’s Academy! For more information on Project Green Schools, visit their website and help support a fabulous organization.