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What to Expect on One of Our STEM Field Trip Edventures

With Nature’s Academy, you get the best in hands-on, experiential learning. We offer a variety of different learning experiences through our many “Edventure” programs. We bring the classroom outside to fully immerse young learners in an engaging, stimulating,  STEM-oriented educational experience. These field trips are designed to provide more than just a trip to a location for observation. Experiential learning is the process of learning through involvement & contribution with reflection on doing, and is quickly becoming one of the most breakthrough methods for teaching new skills & information. Here are some of the featured STEM field trips in Florida we offer… and what you can expect from each one:

Coastal Connections STEM Field Trip

STEM educational field trips floridaAt the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, southwest of St. Petersburg, lies Fort De Soto Park. Journey to a barrier island to explore this magnificent ecosystem. On this Edventure, students will kayak through a mangrove system to watch ospreys and egrets feed on prey in a rare glimpse of nature in action. They will also have the opportunity to gather real data on biodiversity & water quality, learn about the importance of mangroves, dissect spiny dogfish, and dip net to discover the many species that exist within the Gulf of Mexico, allowing them to reflect and showcase all they have learned about the flora and fauna of this diverse environment. Find out more about our Coastal Connections STEM field trip.

Myakka Mysteries Edventure

Near the Myakka River, in Myakka State Park, awaits a wonderful hike down a winding trail in the misty floodplain forest. Students will traverse a delightful suspension bridge and look for signs of natural and exotic disturbances in pursuit of understanding of this wetland ecosystem. They will learn a great deal about how alligators came to be considered “ecosystem engineers,” all while conducting water quality tests and studying local birds, fish and invertebrates. Find out more about our Myakka Mysteries Edventure.

Organic Earth

Outdoor educational field trips floridaIn southwest Florida, students will learn all about what it means to “go green” in this Edventure. They will conduct comprehensive surveys of the water cycle and the natural filtration of ground and surface water. Students will also have the opportunity to determine the causes and impacts of acid rain, as well as the environmental impacts of industrial and agricultural pollution and oil spills, all while identifying and considering action plans for potential solutions to these problems. Find out more about our Organic Earth Edventure.

Water’s Journey Field Trip

experiential learning field trip floridaLet your students learn a great deal about estuaries in this Edventure that takes place near Crystal River. But that’s not all, there is a unique opportunity for some delightful experiential learning with a canoe trip around Myakka Lake, and a day for snorkeling with curious bluegill fish and the gentle giant: the Florida manatee! Students will also witness the dynamic and intricate relationship between land and sea where saltwater meets freshwater in the Tampa Bay estuary. Find out more about our Water’s Journey field trip.

Physics in Action

stem field trips floridaStep out of the woods at John F. Kennedy Space Center and into a world full of technological and engineering marvels! Students will have a unique opportunity to study the space shuttles Atlantis & Saturn V exhibits. They will also have the chance to follow in the footsteps of the great inquisitive minds before them by riding in the space shuttle simulator! Meet a real astronaut and learn how to use physics advantageously in a game of mini golf! Students will explore Newton’s three laws of motion on this STEM field trip on the Florida’s East Coast. Find out more about our Physics in Action Edventure.

Florida – Past to Present

field trips south floridaIn addition to an expedition through our Water’s Journey program, with Florida – Past to Present, students will also have the opportunity to dig deeper into Florida’s rich ecological history than they ever have before. Students will visit and venture through an underground cave, followed by a visit to an organic farm where they will learn about the importance of agriculture in Florida on this STEM field trip. Students will also learn how water has shaped our state through the years, and be treated to a wonderful opportunity for stargazing and astral identification on this overnight field trip. Find out more about our Florida – Past to Present Edventure.


There has never been a better time to register your class or group for an experiential STEM  field trip with Nature’s Academy! Call now or click here to book one of our many STEM-focused Edventures today!

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