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Experiential Learning Encourages Environmental Awareness

Nature’s Academy is conveniently located in Southwest Florida. We encourage environmental awareness for students and citizen scientists, and we provide the opportunity to make many fond memories in the beautiful outdoors. Our natural resources are truly beautiful and indispensable, and at Nature’s Academy, we realize how important it is emphasize education in order to better protect our environment. And there’s no better way to learn about environmental awareness than through experiential learning.

What is Experiential Learning?

Experiential learning is the process of learning by performing or experiencing a task first-hand. Instead of memorizing information in a classroom by listening to a lecture or reading from a book, students at Nature’s Academy can learn about nature through exciting first-hand experiences. Experiential learning allows our students and citizen scientists to learn valuable lessons by going out and seeing the world for themselves.

Experiential learning allows students to bring the principals they learned in the classroom to life. It’s one thing to read about different subjects on paper, but it’s completely different to actually live them. By going on educational field trips with Nature’s Academy, our students and citizen scientists are able to gain a much deeper understanding of the world around them than they would with traditional learning opportunities.

Everyone knows how much students love going on field trips. In fact, many students look forward to them for the entire year. With Nature’s Academy, your students will have the field trip of a lifetime. Contact us today to learn about many exciting opportunities for students and citizen scientists in South Florida.

Learning Through Nature is Enlightening for Students

By learning through nature at Nature’s Academy, students will develop a deep sense of environmental awareness and learn the importance of protecting our environment. By being able to spend time in nature and seeing the beauty of the environment firsthand, students will form a new appreciation for the planet that sustains us all.

Learning through nature is excellent for children, and greatly increases their level of experiential learning. Regular exposure to nature and spending time outside has also been found to prevent childhood obesity and promote a healthy weight in children.

Furthermore, spending time in nature is very stimulating to children and provides them with a different setting in which they can learn. It’s much easier for some children to focus when they’re outside, as opposed to when they’re in a classroom environment. Nature can be very stimulating for children socially, and can encourage them to form new friendships and talk to other children that they otherwise wouldn’t have talked to.

Spending time in nature can greatly enrich the learning experience of your students. Call Nature’s Academy today to plan an exciting field trip that your students will always remember. By fostering a love for nature you’ll be able to help students increase experiential learning, develop good social habits and stay in good shape physically.

Outdoor, Experiential Learning Fosters Environmental Awareness

It’s extremely important for children to learn about protecting the environment. By going on a field trip with Nature’s Academy, children will learn about the beauty of nature. They’ll develop increased environmental awareness and be more inclined to protect the environment and take steps to reduce environmental waste.

Contact Nature’s Academy Today to Sign Up for an Outdoor Field Trip

By calling Nature’s Academy for your next field trip in Florida, you’ll be able to learn about the beauty of nature and learn how you can protect the environment. Your life and the lives of your children will be deeply enriched by experiential learning with Nature’s Academy! Contact us today to become closer to nature.

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