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Getting More than Just Fresh Air Through Outdoor Education

Dr. Frances E Kuo of the University of Illinois is one of many researchers across the country studying the effects of outdoor education on students of all ages.

A recent study completed in late 2018 by Kuo and her team found that after an outdoor lesson, teachers reduced their redirects (taking breaks from content to re-focus the class) by almost 50%. After standard indoor lessons, researchers observed that the same teachers had to redirect students every 3.5 minutes versus 6.5 minutes after outdoor lessons.

Studies like this prove yet again how outdoor education enhances many aspects of the human experience.  

Our cross-disciplinary programs use local natural spaces as our classrooms for STEM instruction. Over 5,300 participants (and counting!) have experienced Florida’s native spaces and understood the STEM principles that makes it all work.

Freshwater swamps, mangrove estuaries, seagrass beds, maritime forests, and Florida springs are just a handful of habitats that our participants explore, guided by our environmental education and STEM-certified staff.

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