Join us as we help raise awareness for shark conservation all week long during Shark Week 2017!

Celebrate Earth Day April 22!

Earth Day 2017 Nature's Academy It is another Earth Day here at Nature’s Academy and we are happy to be celebrating it with you!

Earth Day is a traditional American holiday that began in 1970. Its purpose was to encourage the appreciation of our Earth in light of the Industrial Revolution. Encouraging good environmental stewardship in Florida and working to better the environment is one of our primary missions here at Nature’s Academy so we are happy to be working at it with you!

Educational field trips, FloridaNature’s Academy provides educational field trips that encourage STEM literacy and environmental awareness for elementary to high school students. In this past year alone we have been able to reach over 5,300 participants, host 120 field trip days and remove over 450 pounds of trash from our shorelines!

Nature’s Academy is excited for the continuation of our overnight season! Overnight programs are customizable 2-to-4-day programs. They provide an opportunity for students to gain first-hand experiences in STEM and marine science-based practices while learning problem-solving skills and the importance of teamwork.

Choose from a variety of programs in multiple locations across the state! Here are a few examples you can use this summer to make learning an “edventure” for your students!

Kayaking Down the Weeki Wachee RiverKayaking Down the Weeki Wachee River!

Join us in exploring this natural spring-fed river!  Learn about the mammals, birds and fish that frequent the area and take in the beauty of nature. Students help to take water samples along the river that they will eventually test. A great opportunity to further understand the local ecology!

Cave Spelunking within the Withlacoochee State Forest!

Explore this natural landscape that has greatly changed over the years. Take a nature walk within the Withlacoochee State Forest and study how water, the universal solvent, has historically “shaped” Florida. Turn on your flashlight and observe the geological features of two underground cave systems. Learn more about the structures within, human influences and the groundwater connections that were once part of the Floridan Aquifer!

Manatee Snorkeling within King's BayManatee Snorkeling within King’s Bay!

Join us in the only city within the United States where it is legal to interact and swim with Florida Manatees in their natural habitat. Come face-to-face with these gentle giants and learn the value of patience and respect. These playful mammals are fun and remind students of why it’s important to protect endangered species. Create lasting memories with fellow classmates and learn how to spread awareness to those within your local community!

Drift Snorkeling Down the Rainbow River!

Jump into crystal clear 72 degree waters and spend your time snorkeling within the diverse spring systems within the Rainbow River. Slowly drift snorkel and observe the eel grasses, native fish, turtles and birds that call this place home. Take in the beauty around you and try your best at free diving throughout the river. Collect and compare water quality data from King’s Bay and Rainbow River to better understand human influences on the places we visit. Encounter grouper, bluegill and alligator gar and search for marine fossils, alligator teeth, shark teeth and much more!

Learning through natureOur program has reached not only the lives of students and teachers all throughout Florida, we’ve also helped the environment by collecting over 450 lbs of trash off local beaches and contributed over 120 field trip days within this year alone!

Join Nature’s Academy on one of our “edventures” and explore the natural world, while promoting positive changes that will benefit our future. Other possible overnight program locations are: Myakka River State Park, Kennedy Space Center, Sweetwater Organic Farm and Walt Disney World!

For more information, Give us a call at 941-538-6829, visit our website or like us on Facebook!Over night field trips, Florida

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