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Teacher Resources

Activity #1: Litter Lessons Datasets

Below are the datasets that are used for the Litter Lessons Activity 1, along with the bar graphs they create.

You can view the datasets below or download them by clicking here.

MonthAverage Litter (kg)
MonthTotal Litter (kg)

Activity #2: Litter Lessons Coastal Cleanup Data Sheet

  • Submit your data to the Nature’s Academy Citizen Science Database by using this Google form.
  • To download the Litter Lessons Coastal Cleanup Activity Data Sheet, please click here.
  • If you have any program pictures, feel free to email them to us so we can share your student’s continued stewardship!

Activity #3: Litter Lessons Student Worksheet

  • To download the Litter Lessons Student Worksheet, please click here.
  • To download the Litter Lessons Student Worksheet ANSWER KEY, please click here.

Final Student Project Examples

Check out some of our final projects below! Students have completed a wide range of projects, from STEM technology and posters, to creating a native plant garden and presenting at schoolwide science night!

For more information on our project success, click here to view more final project details.

Additional Resources

Stay Informed

Stay up to date on the latest in environmental etewardship and STEM Literacy through the EPA, NOAA, STEM-Rising, or STEMconnector newsletters!

Below is a list of credible newsletters that provide the environmental news of today, giving you up-to-date discussion topics and current events to be used in the classroom.

Example Student Project Videos

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have a video competition each year relating to Marine Debris. These videos can help guide your students in the right direction.

Making a video can be as easy as recording on a cell phone, and these videos will show that filming can be educational and fun! Here are some samples below.